Central City Fun Park: EXPANSION 2024

- Arcade & Redemption Games (3 x larger than our existing location)

- Outdoor Go Karts (electric) on a multi-level track (phase 2)

- Roller Skating Arena (full size with more rental skates)

- Bowling (more lanes)

- Mini-golf Courses (3 x new courses)

- Carousel Ride (18 fantasy horses + chariot)

- Carnival Games (new carnival attractions)

- Laser Tag Arena (4,500 sf of laser blasting fun)

- Karaoke Booths (each booth accommodates up to 6 singers)

- Hologate VR (exciting 4-player VR attraction)

- Escape Rooms (multiple thrilling escapes)

Upon completion, Central City Fun Park will comprise of over 115,000+ sf indoors plus an additional 30,000+ sf outdoors and will be one of the largest Family Entertainment Centers in North America.