Roller Skating

A waiver.pdf must be signed prior to skating. Under 19 requires an adult signature.
You are welcome to print the waiver at home prior to arrival.

Roller Skating can be a dangerous activity.  We highly recommend the use of helmets (free rentals) and wrist guards. Although we rent (free) both inline and quad skates, we suggest beginner skaters use the inline skates as they are easier to learn.

Roller Skating Rules

* Skate at your own risk.
* Skaters must sign a waiver.
* Children 12 & under must wear a helmet. (helmet is to be put on before skates)
* No Speed Skating.
* No skating in a Reckless Manner. (tag, weaving in & out, etc.)
* Do not carry children while on skates.
* No food or drink allowed in the arena. (water bottles are permitted in the seating area)
* Skates must be removed before exiting the arena attraction. (including for washroom)