What are your Roller Skating procedures?

We are limiting the number of skaters to account for social distancing.  We are also limiting the use of the roller skating arena to 60 minutes if others are waiting.  You are welcome to go back in line at no additional charge.

Skate & Helmet Rentals are free or bring your own.  Helmets are required for those 12 & under.
Waivers must be signed prior to skating. Under 18 require an adult signature.

Can I purchase food?

Unfortunately at this time we have closed our pizzeria, concession, and party rooms. Beverages are still available for purchase.  We hope to have everything open in the near future.

How do you purchase game credits?

You can purchase game credits from our kiosks or from the customer service counter.

Can I book a birthday party?

Unfortunately our party rooms are closed due to public health restrictions which include party room occupancy limits of 6 and no sharing of food including birthday cakes. With these restrictions in place, parties can still come to our facility and play our attractions... we just can't offer a party room or food.  

To guarantee a time, we recommend arriving when we first open (around 5 pm on weekdays / 12 pm on weekends).

Parties with more than 6 guests are welcome but will be asked to stay in smaller groups (6 or less) while playing our activities.

Why do I have to wear a mask?

Safety is a top priority and that includes wearing masks.  Alternatively we offer face shields for sale ($4).  Please respect our staff when they enforce this policy.

I have young kids, asthma, etc. Is there an alternate to wearing masks?

With young kids (6 & under), we are not enforcing masks at this time.  However, we have some face shields (to be returned before leaving) available for them to try instead.  These face shield are also available for asthmatics, etc.

Do I have to make a reservation to come in?

No. Reservations are no longer required.  However, we are in ever changing times and we may re-instate our reservation system again in the future.