Seating for up to 50 guests in our Private Banquet Room.

$600 Monday to Thursday
$750 Friday to & Sunday + Holidays

- 2 hours in our Banquet Room.
- Includes 20 PARTY FUN CARDS : 80 Credits + 1 game of Mini Golf per card.
- Purchase additional Party Fun Cards upon arrival for $30 each.
- Purchase food upon arrival from our concession. 
Menu & Pricing
- Bring in limited food items and cake. No hot food. Permitted food: sandwiches, subs, veggies, fruit, desserts, chips, pop, juice boxes.
- Our Banquet Room is located upstairs and is not handicap accessible.

Party packages are subject to change.

Start Times can be adjusted on Wed/Thurs only (contact manager)
Request an additional hour (Weds-Fri): $50


Do you offer alternative Booking Times?
 Our party bookings times are pre-set on Weekends and Holidays and staff are unable to alter them.  If you are looking for an alternate time on a Weekday, then sometimes this can be arranged through an email request.

What kinds of food can I bring in?
- You can ONLY bring in your own food if you reserve a PRIVATE ROOM or BANQUET ROOM.

No hot food (pizza, hotdogs, burritos, samosas) is permitted.  We do allow: sandwiches, subs, cheese and crackers, veggie trays, fruit trays, chips, desserts, non-alcoholic beverages. Absolutely no alcohol (immediate dismissal of the whole party). 

Can I purchase additional food?
- Yes. We offer Pizza and Hot Dogs on premises.

Is there somewhere I can store my cake?
- Yes, we have a fridge and freezer at our concession counter.

How early can I arrive before my party starts?
- Party organizers are permitted to arrive 5 minutes prior to the party start time in order to set up their tables and receive their Party Fun Cards.

How many tables are there?
- The Banquet Room has 16 tables, each seating up to 4 guests.
14 tables (55 x 31"~) and two bar height tables (65 x 24")

Can I bring in a piñata or additional decorations?
- We do not allow piñatas.  The only decorations we accept are balloons which can only be attached to the tables. Do not tape anything to the walls as it can damage the paint upon removal.

Can I change the amount of credits on each Party Fun Cards?
- Party Fun Card credits cannot be changed or split up into separate cards. Additional Party Fun Cards may be purchased for $30 each before or during your reservation. 

Can I get a refund if I don't use all of the Party Fun Cards?
- Party Fun Cards are non refundable.  However, they do not expire and can be used at a later date during regular public hours.

Does Central City Fun Park guarantee that all attractions will be available for my party guests?
- No, it all depends on how busy our facility is at the time of your party.  We have many arcade and redemption games but there are no guarantees when it comes to other attractions.

What is the cancellation policy?
- Full refunds are offered 7 days prior to the original booked date.